Feeling Confused while Making Appointment for my Dependents

Greetings: I’ve got my H1B stamped from Mumbai but didn’t travel to US yet, now I’m planning to take my 4 dependents with me to US. So I’m unable to schedule visa appointments for them from my profile through the below link: https://cgifederal.secure.force.com/applicanthome

And when I'm trying to do so, visa fees is showing for 5 people (including me) instead of just 4 dependents as I've already got the visa stamp in my passport. Also when I'm trying to do through new user registration, the system says to login to my profile and schedule interviews for dependents from the existing profile. 

If anyone have any idea and help me on this. 


The system is assuming all of you are applying together. This can be corrected at payment point.

All the best

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