Fee refund after cancellation of semester


I am willing to apply for US study visa F. I am applying in Pathways master program in 2 or 3 univs like USF and university of alabama birmingham. These are good uni and fee is high. I want to know if i have I-20 from uni having low fee, can i exchange uni after reaching US. As i have to pay almost 13000 dollar after getting visa before departure for US. Is this fee refundable if i want to cancel my admission after reaching US?

Secondly, i have also applied in German uni, where education is almost free. But there decision is expected in January,. if i apply for US and got the visa and pay my fee. After reaching US, if i got acceptance from German uni, will uni will refund my Fees.

Kindly share some useful suggestions.

Well, it is not as simple as exchange of electronics in store, the reason is that they all come with I20 and your legal F1 status that is vouched by the DSO. You can jeopardize your legal status, if things go wrong. Read Transfer Before first semester in US - Issues .

Well, they will refund, provided that you have a good reason. This needs to be confirmed by the school, you will need to speak to them.

The University is trying to ensure the registrations are final, thats the reason they are asking for paying fee. There may be some exceptions, you will always need to work with the DSO and Financial Aid office at school.