Fastest Way to COS F1 to H4


My current VISA status is F1 OPT and I want to apply for H4.

I came to USA in 2010 on H4 Visa and Joined a school for post graduation in 2013. I applied for COS to F1 later in 2013 and got it while living in USA. My Passport passport still has H4 stamping as I never left USA since 2010. My current VISA status is F1 OPT

Now I want to go back to H4 to take advantage of H4 EAD rule.

What it the best or faster way to get H4 and EAD and how. I am ready to travel out of USA if going to a VISA consulate is a better option.



Well Aashi, technically you can travel out of the country and re-enter US on H4 visa, with your spouse’s H1B Approval. You will need to speak to your DSO before you leave US and make sure that your F1 related I-20 and status are updated accordingly in SEVIS system that you will not be taking F1 status after you re-enter. I suggest you check with DSO on this as they are the best person to advice on your F1 status. The other option is to file for COS to H4 along with EAD together, which is the most common way of doing as you do not need to travel.