Family members DS160 number update after appointment confirmation

Hi All -

I have couple of questions regarding - Family members DS160 number update after appointment confirmation

  1. Are we allowed to update - DS160 confirmation number during dropbox appointment ? My appointment is already confirmed for 14th of March and there and I am looking to update DS160 confirmation number for my dependent.

2.on Visa appointment / from Profile update - I am able to update only my DS160 confirmation number., not getting option to update dependents info ?

3.If we contact customer support , will they help up to update dependents DS 160 confirmation number from backend.

4.On appointment confirmation I can only see my DS160 confirmation/ how to verify dependents DS160 confirmation number?

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If you filled a new DS-160, you can take the new confirmation and the old to your appointment.
You can contact VFS if you have questions.

Were you able to solve this? How did you manage to update new DS160 number?

Yes Sandesh - call US consulate india numbers and agents will help to update this .

Number : +91 120 4844 644

Hi @Satish_S_Nikam

I am on the same boat and hope now you are done with your dropbox appointment.

I have my appointment scheduled this May and would like to hear your advise on the below questions:

  1. Can we edit the existing ds160 after submission to make changes or we have to create a new ds160?
  2. After retrieving my submitted application, i am seeing a choice called “Create new application”, can i use this option to pre-polulate the existing data and do the required changes? OR I have to go with the new ds160 form creation?
  3. During dropbox submission do we need to take both old and new ds160? did they asked you anything on this change? please share your experience.
  4. For family members ds160 confirmation number update, while calling this number +91 120 4844 644 what details we need to be handy?

Thanks in advance