Family got H4 visa but primary applicant H1B visa passport not issued


I’m from India. I’ve appeared for an IWP H1B dropbox appointment at New Delhi on 01-Apr-2021. On 09-Apr-2021, I’ve received my wife’s and daughter’s H4 stamped passport. but my own passport didn’t come so far.

When I checked my passport status on it still says, “Your passport is still with the US Embassy/Consulate”.

When I checked my Visa status on its says " Case Created:05-Apr-2021 Case Last Updated:04-May-2021 ". This ‘Case Last Updated’ date was updated thrice last month, but still, the visa is not issued.

I’m the primary H1B applicant and basis on my petition documentation my family already received an H4 visa but my visa/passport is still pending.

Anybody face this issue and can share what to do to get a visa/passport, please suggest me.