Fall 21: F1 approved but later university cancelled admission

My friend F1 Visa was approved for Fall 21 and but computer science admissions has terminated him for Fall 21 to register from classes. Can he enter USA and request for transfer to different school?

Visa approved in July but the University terminated him in June which he is not aware of.

Will he face any issues at Port of entry?

Can he enter Usa for 30 days and transfer his SEVIS to different University of he has another admit?

Can the University transfer his SEVIS to different school with out admission?

Will the SEVIS be terminated when he don’t register for classess?

Can he come to USA with Same visa in Spring semister?

Will University terminate his SEVIS immediately?

This is odd. This may have happened if he missed to register for classes and pay the fees. University should have surely sent him an email for his termination.

If the university terminated his admission, his SEVIS record will terminate too and so CBP will not allow him to enter.

See above.

No, the university can’t transfer SEVIS to another college without admission in that college. It is the admitting college that request the transfer for SEVIS from the transferring college.


Yes. Visa remains valid for entry but need new I-20 from his current college for the Spring semester.

See above.