F4 visa in Administrative Processing vs mandamus

Hi ,
My interview was held on Jan,2020. After that I was put into AP then REFUSED.
they told me to submit the corrected B/C , which I did. Now its been a year of Travel ban due to D.Trump’s proclamation.This proclamation is going to uplift by end of Dec Inshallah. I contacted lawyer and he suggested for mandamus writ/lawsuit. Is there anyone who knows about this process. How effective it is ? or should I just wait for some more time?
Though I dont want to wait for nothing. But either I dont want to pay for nothing.
If anyone has idea pls share. Thanks again for reading my question.

I have not seen many use this process. There are few attorney’s that do this. But, I have not seen a real need for it, unless there are a lot of delays. The Trump EO is something where even the mandamus writ will not help. I would wait for the decision until they lift the Executive Order and then see, if needed.

Thanks for your suggestions Kumar. 4-5K for this service also sounds too much for me.
Its already 2 years since I got my first letter. Now I want to know the decision like yes or no. But no one is telling me anything other than referring to the case status " REFUSED".

it would be great if someone has a list of good attorney who do this mandamus. So we can check with them for fees comparison.

Did you go for mandamus, was there any movement in ur case after mandamus is filled