F4 immigration visa interview for CSPA agedout

Hi all, My mom dad got visa recently under F4 category,My CSPA was 21 yr 9 month so i initially didn’t get my name under welcome letter,when my parents requested to consulate officer while interview ,he gave them letter with my name.i am in us on h1b visa right now.I didn’t file any i-140 yet.Below is my question.
1.What are the chances that i get visa under CSPA , if i am already agedout ?
2.If my immigration visa get rejected, Can they cancel my h1b visa as well ?

  1. It is hard to say that as it is dependent on the Visa officer…Worth a shot though as the visa officer has given it.
  2. No, they would not cancel your H1B visa…

Thank you Kumar! i was just confused that maybe they can reject my h1b visa as it is not immigrant

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Your case same as Me
May i know how long you wait for an appointment for visa interview after receiving welcome latter.