F2A white slip 221g - How Long?

Hi, so my husband had his interview on Sept,16th 2019 . He was issued a white slip 221g requiring furthers documents, not saying anything about administrative processing, and they kept his passport. We submitted the required documents the next week, but havent heard anything from them yet. Does anybody know how much longer does it take? Even though its not an AP, will it still take months?

Well, it can take few days to few weeks or more.
The good part is that they kept the passport, so stay positive.
221g does not have any SLA, all you can do is wait for them to come back…
Also, can you post a copy of the 221g slip here for community benefit ?

Can you re-upload the image, I do not see the 221g image ?

Hi i am f2a visa applicant too, my case created on april 2018, first interview april 2018 gived white slip 221g for administrative processing after 60 days asked to fill the DS 5535 form since that nothing so after the ban lifted we sent an email to the embassy for inquiry and they asked to make an follow up appointment for my case but on the ceac webside it changed from expired to refused today after i got the mail what’s that mean plz help