F2-visa USA-questions at port of entry

Hi Friends,

My F2 Visa approved on 2018-11-06

Can some one please let me know what questions are asked at port of entry in USA

… Initially I thought of going for a 3 weeks vacation and same has been documented in DS160 form.But later my parents n wife forced me to Resign and asked to travel for long time as my wifes OPT ends on FEB2019.So I resigned.Now am on notice period.

Is there any problem that I will face at port of entry? As I mentioned in DS form I will be traveling for 3 weeks only…

What should I answer if they ask why did you mention a 3week vacation.

Please suggest me to make it a smooth entry.


Sudhakar Boddu

Well, usually, F2 visa is a dependent visa and tied to your spouse’s F1 validity and you usually get to stay until her F1 expires. You can mention it truthfully that you thought of 3 weeks, but you intend to stay longer to spend time with her. Nothing to worry.

Carry all the documents from your wife to make sure you have it all covered.

Thank you so much kumar…

And one more question…I thought of traveling on Dec 29 2018 and same has been mentioned in DS160.Now am planning to travel in the month of FEB 2019.Is there any questions arrises…