F2 visa stamping while F1 on STEM OPT

I am on F1 visa with STEM OPT working for an employer. I am planning to get F2 visa for my wife.(my visa valid until May 2020) Didn’t filed for H1B also

  1. When the VO ask how long you want to stay in US, what is the best answer she can reply, because i have seen lot of cases as they are facing problem here.

  2. I am showing enough funds in my bank account to support for F2 visa financially along with my pay stubs. Do i need to show any financial documents back in India too.

3…My wife has already attended for H1b visa 5 months back and she got 221G but later she informed her employer and cancelled her petition as she is no longer interested in working. Is this going to be any problem!

I appreciate your valuable suggestions.Thanks a lot.