F2 Visa stamping after H1b stamping got 221G

I am on F1 visa, currently on STEM OPT. I got married five months back and i came back US. I am planning to get F2 visa stamping for my wife, But my wife has already attended H1B stamping couple of months back from Hyderabad, India and she got 221G. ( Its a complete New H1B filed by an employer and she never been to US previously). Her H1B 221G says need administrative processing but till now no response has heard from US Consulate Office either by her or her employer.At this point what kind of questions are going to be raised by the V.O. in her case for F2 visa stamping and how to handle this properly. Is it good time to go for F2 stamping in my case?

Well, F2 is a seperate visa type and does not have any link. I don’t think her H1B 221g will have any impact.

Usually getting F2 is tricky as they look at the F1’s ability to support the dependents as you need to have funds for their living, insurance, etc.

Hi Kumar, I am on STEM OPT and working. I am providing her with my bank statements and paystubs. Is does works enough!