F2 visa rejection under section 214(b))_Hyderabad

Hello All,

My Wife F2 visa got reject this week under section 214(b) in Hyderabad India Location. any ideas or suggestion will be a great helpful to us.The Visa Officer just ask her very few questions like.:(i) Applying for which visa?.(ii) Can i see F2_I20? (iii) Whats your hometown place?.

F1 Details: Currently Im on F1 Visa & will be expiring in 6 months. Currently im on Intial OPT which expiring in this Month & I already applied for STEM OPT.I made sponsor to my father.

Planning to apply again: This time planning to change Sponsor instead of making to my father shell i make sponsor to myself for her. Please any ideas or suggestion in this case you think please share with me.