F2 visa Rejection chance- Husband on STEM OPT


I have applied for my F2 visa and interview is on 02-March-16. My husband is currently working on his STEM OPT extension and is valid till 14-January-2017. I am currently employed with salary of INR 42000/month. I will only be going on long leave, return to India and continue working. My husband earns $68000/year. He has been employed for 8 months now. We have all the documents ready however my worry is that he has a education loan which he is repaying (INR 45000/month). I have given my husband as my sponsor. Pl tell me if there is a chance of my F2 to get rejected citing ‘insufficient financial support’ because of this loan. Kindly suggest

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I don’t think the outstanding loan will impact the outcome of F-2 visa.

Hi, I am in similar situation. Did you get your F2 visa? Please share your experience and any tips if possible. It will help lot of us. Thanks in advance!