F2 visa rejected

Hello Sir,
My husband is done with masters on 9th of Dec 2016 and is on opt now. I have applied for f2 which got rejected. Please help me. The questions that were asked in the interview are: 1. Which university 2. Why are you going 3. What is ur husband doing 4. Are you working here(in India).
I have job experience of 3.1 years in a s/w company and i have resigned recently. Will that make any issue for my visa?
Please help me to clear the interview.

Thank you,

He is on OPT, the very last phase of an F1 visa. You should have applied for F2 when he was doing his degree itself, he being on OPT is technically considered that he is done with his studies (which is why the F-visa is mainly for), he will complete his OPT and return to India.

Probably he will have to apply for H1 and then you re-apply for H4 which would be ideal for visa officers, which is why they might have rejected your case.