F2 visa rejected on 15th May 2018, reapplied on 20th June. My husband's OPT expires on Feb 2019


I have applied for F2 visa which got rejected. My interview was on 15th May 2018. The consulate asked me below questions:

VO: Give me your I20

me: My husbands I20 is in my hand which i was asked to take out before interview and some how in a hurry, i gave my husband’s I20.

VO: Your I20, not your husband’s

Me: I have taken my I20 and handed over to her.

VO: When did you get married?

Me: Feb 21 2018

VO: When was the last time you have seen your husband?

Me: 10th March 2018.

VO: Are you working now?

Me: Yes

I have expected further question from her, but then she started typing and i wanted to tell her that i have resigned my job and i am in notice period now. I thought that i should not interrupt her and stood silent waiting to hear next question from her.

VO: I cannot give you visa and your visa is rejected

Me: Mam, just to let you know that i have resigned my job.

VO: I am sorry, your visa is rejected.

Me: Mam, can i know the reason please.

VO: Handedover 214b form and asked me to check it.

The consulate was a old lady and she rejected visas of two people before my turn. One was Dependent visa and the other couple who applied for visitor visa-- they failed to explain the finacials of they staying in US. No idea why the consulate has rejected the first lady dependednt visa and i got more tensed as she rejected that lady’s visa.

My husband graduated in Illinios Institute of technology,Chicago in Dec 2015. He got job in March 2016, switched job in Oct 2016 and moved to Portland.

We got married in 21 feb 2018, he left for US on 10th March 2018 and switched job on March 19th and now he is living in Detriot, Michigan. His income is $46 USD per hour and now 2 weeks back it changed to $50 USD per hour.

His H1 got picked this year on 7th Apr and so his visa status got changed from “F1-OPT” to “Change of status pending”. He is in stem OPT and now his OPT is till Feb 2019.

I am working in IBM India Pvt Ltd, Hyderabad and my income is around 30k. My Last working day is 25th May (consulate didnt ask me anything about this). Now i have extended my Last working day to 2nd July 2018. My second time F2 visa interview on 20th June 2018. By that time i would still be working with IBM but in notice period.

What are the chances of me getting F2 visa this time.

How would I convince to the consulate that i am not potential immigrant as she gave me 214B which is usually given for many people.

I have explained my entire situation clearly, please do read with patience and it would be really great if i get any guidance.

There are higher chances that you would be rejected again, sometimes you may get through. The best thing is to wait for your husband to go into H1 and apply for H4.

Your husband is not studying anymore, he is on OPT. The F visa is for students and their dependents. Adding to this, he is in change of status phase. All this may be the contributing factors for rejection. Just wait for a couple more months and re-apply.

Your job has got nothing to do with this, it is your husband’s current status. By stating that you are working or on notice period, you just mean that you are able to take care of yourself back in India.

Thank you for the response. I have already re applied and have my interview on 20th June 2018. If i am in notice period, how does this mean i will be able to take care and come back to India. If i am working in India and is in notice period, how would i convince her.

Thank you for the response. I suppose my husband’s salary is enough for both of us. What evidence we can show that after completion of OPT both of US will come back.

Since you already have made the payment for the visa, for the sake of it, just go and attend. And please refrain from trying to convince the VO to start with, which straight away shows to the VO that you are desperate to get the visa.

Just attend calmly and answer to the point, not less not more. As mentioned earlier, it is your husband’s status which is the issue. He is not studying anymore (end phase of the F type visa), and in transition phase, technically meaning his stay in USA is already not confirmed (H1 process), so the VO does not have a strong case to grant you a visa.

If you are lucky, you may get through. There is no harm in trying again.

So sorry to hear about this situation but you are not alone. F-2 visa issuance is arbitrary and it is not dependent on which form you gave to VO in a hurry, where you work, if you have resigned or not, what answers you gave etc. As others have commented, go for the interview on June 20 and you might just get approved without a problem. There is no document you can carry except the I-20 because consul officers will not accept any paper from you most of the time. Your hands should display pretty newly wed henna design and jewelry if allowed/possible which is considered indirect evidence. Be positive, try to relax and I hope you are able to join your husband soon.

My husband is on stem OPT, earning well.

And my F2 approved today itself with no hassle. No financial docs were asked. Only i20, Husband’s Visa, Marriage certificate and wedding album.

Hi Kavya,
Could you please let me know whether you were granted F2 visa or not? In my case also my husband has “Change of status pending” and I have my interview on November 13.

Can you please tell what were the questions asked in interview?