F2 Visa Question


I have an visa interview scheduled for December 18th for F2 dependent, My husband is F1 OPT. Here is my situation and need some suggesstions:

I went to USA on F1, done with my education and got my H1B, when I applied fo H1B extension in USA it got denied as the paper work was not properly shown by my employer.My husband intially came to USA on my F-2 and got converted to F-1, hence now he is on F-1 visa OPT.

I cam back to India as my H1B got denied and now going for F-2 dpendent visa interview next month, can someone help me with best suggesstion on type of questions I might get or wat are the chances of geting my F2 now.



Hi Swap,

As you are going while your husband is on OPT, just take care of few things. I am sure you would be having the original I20 document with OPT status of your husband mentioned on the same. Carry your husband’s I20 Copy as well. If it would be a year then I am sure it would be safe as the VO would know, your husband is going to be there for a year.

You will also have to check if your husbands - visa has not expired. It should be in valid status and you should also be able to show the funding, or it can be an issue.

I avoided travelling on my F2 visa as my husband has also got approved OPT but his graduation is going to be in december and he has no funding and his visa has expired, but I got my H1 approved, so i would be attending that intreview.

in my case first time when i went on F2 visa, the officer asked me my qualification and if i did phd? the purpose of visit when i travelled on B1 visa and my marriage date. He asked only 3 questions and granted a visa for me.