F2 Visa Interview Experience OCT-2020

F2 Visa Interview Experience
Location: Hyderabad - India
Date: OCT-27-2020
VO: Young lady
Time: 11:15 AM

Note: VO is not taking Documents, We have to show all Documents one after one from outside mirror.

VO: Hello, Good Morning.
ME: Good Morning !!.
VO: Can I see your i-20’s and Passport?
Me: Yes Sure. (Showed I-20’s with DSO Letter stating that due to pandemic University providing only Digital I-20’s)
VO: When did you get marry ?
ME: Told Date
VO: Where does he currently stay ?
ME: Told Place
VO: What is your husband currently doing in US?
ME: He is working as a software engineer at ABC Company
VO: Thank you (Muted Mic for 3-4 mins and verified all details in Computer screen and asked
something to an Indian lady standing next to her )
ME: Sure (Waiting)
VO: Do You have Kids ?
ME: No.
VO: Can I see your Marriage Certificate ?
ME: Yes Sure.
VO: Can I see your Marriage Photos ? (Show one after one Please )
ME: Sure.
VO: Thank You (Again Muted and Long Discussion with one of the old Visa VO) (4-5 Mins)
VO: How much money does your husband earn?
Me: He Earns $$$$$$ per Annum.
VO: Can I see his pay slips ?
ME: Yes Sure; (Showed from out side she just noted all details like Date, Gross Pay and all)
VO: Again long Gap (2-3) Mins
ME: Waiting…
VO: Can you show your passport once again ?
ME: Showed, She Scanned Barcode.
VO: Can you place left, right hand four fingers and both thumbs on the scanner one after one?
ME: Yes Sure.
VO: Thank You (Again Wait for 2-3Mins) Entered Some data in her computer.
ME: Waiting.
VO: Can You Please Drop your Passport in the Drop Box.
ME: Thank You …!
VO: With Smile… Welcome.

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