F2 visa for husband and 2 year baby

Hello sir.my wife is on f1 visa in usa doing master in education 18 months program from one month.i have also apply f2 visa along with baby before she was going tobus.but it rejected 214 b they gave me…now I am again wants to try f2 of myself and baby because the situation nw become miserable for all of us.we missing each others very badly specially baby…I don’t want my wife to suffer her study dew to this.we have new i20 s with us…can we get visa this time?.please guide us.I shall be very thankful of u…waiting for your reply…


Sorry to hear about your situation. Please note that US consular officers report to the USCIS on visa matters and to the US Department of State on cultural / social matters. This means every time they reject an F-2 class visa for family member, they have to provide reason to their superior officer how and why they decided that a direct family member cannot be with their legally associated significant partner. This also means that an F-2 visa has a fail rate of 93% on first application, 62% on second application and 29% on third application. You have to be practical in your DS160 responses and your interview. #1. Your wife is a student so you can’t say she will support you financially. Funds have to be personal #2. You can’t say that you plan to stay for more than 3 weeks and 5 days at a time in the US. With a little baby, your student wife can’t take care of your stay beyond that time period. #3. Although stay time is short, you also can’t apply in B-1 /B-2 category because F-2 is the correct category for you and baby. #4. Answer all questions truthfully and show that you have to quickly return to home country to (a) take care of your own job assignment (b) to not put too much pressure on your student spouse and © take care of your own family obligations such as a mother or father

Best wishes

Dr. Sandeep Shankar

Thank you so much sir for reply. sir I have more than sufficient funds to show. Previously I also want 20 days stay there.sir some one telling me to send your baby passport by Dropbox then they will grant ur baby visa after that u apply on the base to go with baby to meet her mom…sir I also have our 4th marriage anniversary next month.can it make some affect? and also university of my wife can help us on getting visas? thank you.

sir please suggest me…