F2 to H4 visa. status related queires.

I have couple of questions on status of my wife. Could you please help me out on this and let me know my further action to be done.
I got married in this February ’2013 and my wife came on F2 visa to USA in month of April '2013.
In the month of June ’2013 we applied for change of status for my wife (F2 to F1).
Last week we called USCIS and they said it will take 3 more months for processing as they are currently reviewing who applied for change of status in month of April ’2013.
From October 1st ‘2013 am actively on H1B Status. I didn’t apply H4 for my wife when i applied my H1B as i am lack of knowledge on that and even didn’t get any proper information from my current employer stating that i need to apply H4 for my wife during my process of H1B.
What would be the current status of my wife at this situation?
Does she need to go out of United states immediately to get stamped on H4 Visa. If her H4 visa stamping has been done does still the other petition of change of status from F2 to F1 will be still valid or can she directly go to F1 visa stamping during that change of status F2 to F1 is still in process.

Please help me out my further action need to done.