F2 to H4 Required Documents?


I am on F2 visa right now. My spouse is working on OPT and his H1B is pending and we didn’t file for H4 along with H1B.

  1. If H1B is approved after October 1st, will I be out of status from the approval date? or any grace period before I apply for H4 (COS) from here.

  2. If H1B is approved before next week, I think I am good to apply for COS from here. Do my application needs to be reached USCIS by Oct 1st?

Can someone help me finding the required documents for COS (I couldn’t find any list on USCIS for this purpose and my spouse’s employer won’t help with this process as we have to do it on our own)

  1. If I have to leave country and apply for H4, again, can someone post the required documents to apply for H4 visa in India

Thanks in Advance.