F2 to H4 application filing - I539 Questions Help

Hi, I’m on F-2 dependent visa and recently my husband H1 approved so I started application to file my H4. I have few questions on form I539 that I’m using to file for H4 so can someone address the questions please.
Q15.b Expiration date (mm/dd/yyyy)
what should be expiration date ?
Q 16 Select this box if you were granted duration of staus (D/S)
What is duration of status ? should I select the box or not ?
Part 3
Q 2.a Is this application based on an extension or change of status already granted to your spouse, child or parent ? Yes or No options
Should I select Yes or No ?
Q 3.a Is this application based on a separate petition or application to provide your spouse, chile or parent an extension or change of status ?
Options are - Yes, filed with this form I-539 or No
Part 4
Q 14 Have you or any other person included in this application been employed in the US last admitted or granted an extension or change of status
Yes Or No
What should I answer for Q 14 ?

Also, what is the USCIS service center that I need to send the package.

Thank you for your time.

This should be your F2 ending date, which is essentially the end date of the OPT of your F1 spouse. If in cap gap, that would be Sep 30th.

If your passport has stamp with D/S in it written by CBP officer, then you check this box.

This is yes as it is based on your Spouses H1B COS approval.

You should select Yes, filed with this form I-539

It is No. You should put in your Spouse’s I20 and financial documents that you have funds to support yourself in the end indicating that you are supported by that funds.

Thank you very much for your responses @Kumar

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Hi, @Kumar

I sent my application for H4 (F2 to H4) providing current H1-B end date which is till this year end and completed Biometrics two weeks back.

Now, my husband is going to apply for H1-B extension so can my case be added along with his extension (i.e till his new h1b date) ? If yes, can someone let me know the process ?

Thanks in advance.

Yes, you should apply for H4 along with his H1B petition to have your H4 extended until the same date as your spouse’s H1B. Talk to your spouse’s attorney on this and proceed further. The process is pretty similar and you do the same process, only thing is as you do not have H4 approved yet, you need to indicate that you have applied it and submit the proofs for the same.