F2 rejected and what can be the cause and can i reapply nextweek

My f2 was rejected today and can you tell me what you spotted.

Vo: good morning
Me: good morning
Vo: can you pass me your passport and i20
Vo: what is your husband doing in USA
Me: sorry, come again
Vo:ask same question
Me: doing his PHd. In xxxx.
Vo:since when
Me: like a year and 2months now (2017)
Vo: how did you meet
Me: we met when I was still doing my clinical experience in 2014
Vo: have you traveled out of Nigeria before
Me: yes
Vo:to where
Me: to ghana
Vo: when did you get married
Me: December 2017
Vo: are you working
Me: yes
Vo: where
Me: I am a nurse, currently doing my internship at federal hospital.
Vo: keep typing and said sorry, u can try next time. And anded me 214b

Can you pls tell me what may be the likely cause from my response and can I re-apply again in few days time? Felt bad already and my husband was not happy but planning to re-apply for me this week or next before I go back to work, cause am on leave.

Your line of work is nursing which is on the 214b high alert list. You can surely try again for F2 but if asked what is the guarantee that you will return to Nigeria, plan to answer that there is a critical need for nurses in Nigeria and you are needed back home.