F2 rejected 3 times

Hi all

My wife F2 Visa got rejected 3 times And am on CPT doing my second masters also am working in a xxxx company with good packag .

I got married on March 2018

1st time rejected in Hyderabad July 30 ( at this time I don’t have job ) Interviewer particularly asking about job and rejected remaining all documents are good .

Then I got job on July only so

2nd time September 18 reapplied in Hyderabad the interviewer didn’t ask much questions just took my i20 and typing for long time didn’t ask for single document just rejected and this time all documents with are with my wife like job joing letter I mean offer latter and most recent paystubs also attached still rejected

3rd time in Chennai October 1 with all documents paystubs and offer latter financial but good thing is this time the interviewer ask all the documents like my marriage ,certificate photos ,offer latter , paystubs and lot of questions *my wife answered all the questions * the interviewer is happy with answers also

It went almost 15 min but the end rejected

All tha time they gave 214b .

I don’t no what to do am so much worried .

Can any one please help me with suggestions and any additional information or any other documents need to carry that could be helpful for me .


F-2 approval is not based on documents or interview performance. It is random and approval rates are very low. Your wife must re-apply.

The mere notion that you are on a second masters then working for a company on CPT in F visa, would raise a red flag. Move to H1 visa,and apply for H4, she would be approved.