F2 - H1B - interview stamping experience


I am currently on F2 visa and have got approved H1B petition but my COS from F2-H1 got denied as I travelled to India. Now to return back to USA, I have to give consular interview for H1B. I wanted to know what all questions are asked for F2 dependents who have now got approved H1B Visa? I dont have any payslips to show as I was not allowed to work untill 1st October and since september I am in India.

None of my prior visas are denied as I have a valid B1 and valid F2 visa’s.

Please help and share your experiences or any advice in this situation?



F2 to H1 is a career transition request. Your H-1B application is simply evaluated for merit. I don’t think any questions will be asked. You will be stamped. Let us know

Best wishes

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, www.chu.edu

Hello Dr. Sandeep,

Thanks. I hope I would get the visa stamped successfully.
Would share my experiences.