F2 Dependent(s) profile feedback


I have 3 dependents wife, and 2 kids. Kids are minor and under 14 years of age.

My Masters is going to end in May 2024. We have tried for F2 just for my wife as dependent in April in Chennai and was refused and no reason was given.

Now I have paid fees for all 3 of them.

I have a couple of questions:

  1. Will it be better still just to process my wife’s application and use dropbox for the kids? I have been told to apply for one kid along with wife and for another use dropbox. Please advise if any one has gone through similar situation.

  2. Since, the masters is ending soon, can I use the B1/B2 category ? or will it appear to choose a wrong visa category ? since we already applied for F2 not long ago in April.

Please advise on this situation.

I thank you in advance for reviewing my question and providing feedback on the same.

Does anyone know or has personally gone through similar situation ?

I request you to provide some sort of feedback on this, please.