F2 dependant for minor of B2 to F1 converted.

I have got into US on b2 converted into f1 received i797. My husband is now on f2 in US.

I have decided to get my two sons into US on f2. I sent My brother to dropbox. vfs people have not accepted the application as the parents are not having a f1/f2 visa stamped in their passport. I797 is not accepted as visa.

They have told that sons must be applied for b2 visa only.

How to proceed in this scenario. Please help.

It is great that your husband is here - it is a big achievement. I am sure not having the children with you must be quite stressful. Get your sons to the US on B2 status. It is very difficult to prove financial strength to take care of F2 husband and 2 boys also on F2 when primary is on F1 status.

Best wishes

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, hopehumanityATgmail.com; wwwDOThopeforhumanityglobalDOTorg