F1 with dependents Spouse, child

I would like to apply for F1 visa for myself, along with F2 for my spouse & 2 kids. My spouse would like to continue to work in Indian business and travel back forth as required but we are not sure if Visa officer will be happy with that or not? Kids will enroll in a school in US. What potential issues will the officer have(if financials are sufficient)?

  • Should I include all dependents on I-20 form & Should we all apply for F1/f2 together?
  • or should I take F1 visa first and then add dependents later?

Given pandemic - what is the F2 situation like? I am not getting much feedback on the forums…

F2 is not legally not allowed to work while present on the US territory. This is a red flag for VO and the visa may be denied.

Even if they are working in their job in India?

Would VO be ok if we said spouse will not be doing anything?

You should not relay false information for immigration benefits.
Also make sure you are aware of the US tax laws as F1 & F2 will be counted as resident aliens for tax purposes.