F1 visa to OPT expiration : PhD / Master's along the way


I am a PhD student on an F1 visa currently in my 6th year of PhD. Last year, I applied for my Master’s degree along the way and I was awarded the Master’s degree. It has been 4 months since I was awarded the Master’s degree by my graduate school. Today, I learned from immigration advising that if I choose to discontinue my PhD, I cannot go on an OPT even if I have a Master’s degree because it has been more than 60 days since I was awarded my Master’s degree and hence the OPT window is over. My only option now is to get a PhD and get an OPT. This is very concerning and I was not aware of this technicality and misinformed by immigration services when I had posed them the same question. Request anyone to help out and please let me know if there are any exceptions that I could look make my case for still getting an OPT with my Masters in Computer Science. Thank you

Keep yourself enrolled in the PhD program and avail of the OPT. Discuss this with your school DSO