F1 Visa Stamping In Last Semester - H4 to F1 Stamping


I am currently pursuing MS on an H4 visa. I have 2 courses left to complete my degree. My university gave me I-20 for 4 months(Jan 2021- May 2021) assuming my degree completion to be in 2021.

If I go to stamping with 4 months valid I-20. what is the likelihood of getting approval last semester? Also, if the visa gets approved, what would be the duration of a visa?. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.


This is very much a tricky situation. The reason is you are going from H4 to F1. Both have different intent. Read below. In general, F1 stamping is very tricky and unless really needed, I would not go for it. It is up to your discretion…Talk to your DSO or your H4 attorney and then take a decision.

Hi Kumar,
Thanks for the reply. my DSO also said the same thing but I am in need of F1 so I have to take the chance.
My concern is that 4 months valid I-20 is good to go for stamping or should I ask my DSO to extend the I-20 end date till Dec 2021.


Your DSO may not be able to extend it until Dec 2021, without you providing a reason that you will take more courses and not graduate in Spring…So, that has to be sorted out.
Technically yes, you can go for stamping with one semester to go… But, I have not seen anyone do this. So, cannot add much here.

Thanks for your reply.
If i drop SP 21 semester and enroll full time in Summer 21 and Fall 21. Would i be eligible to apply OPT in my last semster i.e Fall 21?