F1 Visa Stamping and University

I’m thinking of choosing a private university of my Master degree education in US, I was considering about Silicon Valley University in San Jose due to low tuition fee. I’m not very sure, there would be difficulties to get F1 visa stamped in Chennai for such universities. Could you please advise me whether the university rank/name would affect the F1 visa stamping? Or Shouldn’t I consider this university?

Well, it should not as long as the University you are applying is SEVP Certified. Check out the list of SEVP Certified schools here : http://studyinthestates.dhs.gov/school-search

Thank you. I could see that it appears in SEVP certified list. I came to know that GRE is not required to join in the university. Either taking TOEFL or IELTS exam is sufficient. Would GRE/TOEFL score really matter during visa interview?.

Well, it depends… In general, most of the good schools require GRE to get admission into graduate programs. You may need to defend your decision on why chose the school…