F1 visa stamping again questions

I got admitted into Univ of Wisconsin-Madison in 2010, I went to US on F1 visa stamping and there i decided not to pursue MS since it was very costly and I could not afford it. So, I came back to India and working in a company for past 3 years. Now i reapplied to universities for my MS degree and want to go to pursue MS. Can i get a F1 visa? How difficult will be the stamping process. Please let me know your suggestions and feedback. I greatly appreciate your help. Thanks.

Your visa will depend on yr satisfying the visa officer about genuiness of yr case.

The reason - you found the course costly and therefore returned to India does not appeal to me even though it may be true.

Point is when you got I 20 you knew how costly the course was.

However your getting visa depends on how the visa officer views your case.

Your error of judgement cost another deserving candidate his seat last time


You had no intention of settling in USA and therefore returned to India. But being seriously inteterested in studies are reapplying after strenghtning the finances

[ Also depends on whether visa officer asked and you showed finances last time]