F1 visa stamping after h4 to f1 change of status

I currently lives in USA with H1B visa. My wife also stays with me in USA with H4 visa.
She now applied for “change of status” from H4 to F1 using premium processing.
We will be travelling to India by July 2024 if the “change of status” is approved.
In order to return to USA, she need to have F1 visa stamped due to change of status.
For this stamping F1 visa, should she attend in-person interview? or Dropbox is enough?

This depends on whether she will qualify for interview waiver aka dropbox. However note that IW is at the discretion of the consular officer so she may be called for an interview. In your case most probably she will get called for in person interview as it is first time F1.

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