F1 Visa stamping after graduation and before OPT start date


I came to USA on H4 and had a change of status to F1 but do not have any visa stamping done yet.
I have completed my graduation and have a EAD card and an Offer letter with OPT starting in February.
I want to travel to India right now and planning to return before my employment (OPT) begins. I have booked my Visa interview slots for January already.

Is it recommended to travel right now? Could anyone with similar scenario share your thoughts.
Would appreciate your help here.

Hi Pallavi.

Even i am in same boat. I am in my STEM OPT and booked slots for F1 stamping in January. Did you get any reply for this post. Would appreciate if you can share!


Hi, did it work out okay? Was your visa approved? I am in a similar situation. Thanks