F1 visa stamping after COS from F2 to F1

I recently changed my status from F2 to F1 and my program starts in Fall 2017. I have few queries regarding F1 visa stamping:

  1. When is the best time to go for stamping (to increase the likelihood of visa approval)? Beginning of program, after a year or towards the end?

  2. My husband recently got his H1-B approved. Would this affect my F1 visa stamping?

  3. Is visa stamping on passport necessary to start CPT or OPT? Can i start my Cpt or OPT with just the change of status?

Thanking you in advance.

I think once your CO F1 is done you hold a valid F1 visa status and all the perks it entails, since you are no more on a dependent visa, your husbands Visa stamping should not affect you.

and Visa stamping is not necessary to apply for CPT/ OPT. However it is required if you go outside the country, you need to have a stamped F1 Visa to enter the country.