F1-VISA slot booked; made a mistake in DS-160


In DS-160 form, I have enterted the date of return to be date of arrival ( I thought date of arrival to be when would you return from U.S. ). I have already booked a visa slot with this DS-160. Is there any way I can rectify the mistake? (Other than paying the visa fee for new DS-160?)

Thanks a ton in advance for your help.

Can’t you fill in another DS 160 and get a confirmation number for it without paying an extra fee? Then give them the confirmation number of the correct DS-160 at the interview.

I have filled new DS 160. Does this work? As I have already booked an interview slot with the old DS 160 form.

Just make sure you have the confirmation number for the new one.

Assuming you are going to a consulate in India, you can email support-india@ustraveldocs.com and ask them if you want to be sure (this is the official contact email given on the embassy website).

I have the confirmation for the new one. Done with my OFC, did not face any problem there. I asked people there too and they said its not an issue. Thanks a lot your help :slight_smile: