F1 visa renewal

Hi all,
I came on F1 visa for my Phd in Fall 2019 and my visa is valid till July 2023. My I20 is valid till July 2025. I am planning to begin my OPT between Feb-March of 2023. Since I am planning to start my OPT in 2023, I was thinking to renew my Visa this year (2022) itself, because I am scared getting F1 renewal during OPT is risky. Also, I had administrative processing for my F1 visa in 2019, so I do not think I will get interview waiver for renewal. I want your help in figuring out my options here.

  1. Is it better that I go to my home country (India), within this year and get the F1 renewal? If yes, what are the chances of getting administrative processing again? If I am likely to get administrative processing, how long it might take considering I will go in mid-October?
  2. Should I go to my home country for visa renewal, after I get my EAD card on OPT and before my OPT begins? If yes, will there be administrative processing again?
  3. Should I go to my home country for visa renewal, after I get my EAD card on OPT and after my OPT start date? If yes, will there be administrative processing again?

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks a lot.

Administrative processing do not make you ineligible for IW.


@Kalpesh_Dalwadi Hi Kalpesh,
Thanks for your reply. I went ahead and submitted a new DS160 and started to book a visa slot. But I have not got the interview waiver option. It takes me regular slot booking.

That’s strange. Please refer the below article ( ignore H1B) and let me know what were your answers to the eligibility questions.

Anyways, going back to your other questions.

If you have absolute need to travel, only then I suggest going to India for stamping. Administrative processing is required only when the CO needs more information or need to validate the information already provided by you or your college. There is nothing to worry about this process if your documents are bonafide.

Timing doesn’t really matter, what matters is the information and supporting documents that you provide with DS-160 and their authenticity.

@Kalpesh_Dalwadi Thanks for your reply again. I think I will travel, as its been long since I went home. And as far as the answers to the eligibility questions go, the questions and answers are given below
Q: Do you have previous U.S visa in any class issued?
Ans: Yes
Q:Was your prior visa annotated “Clearance Received” or “Department Authorization”?
Ans: Yes

Next it goes to how do I want my visa delivered? Pick up or delivery etc. Then it goes to OFC booking.