F1 Visa renewal while OPT STEM extension.

I need information on international travel. Here is my case:

  • H1B not picked in this year lottery

  • F1 student Visa expired on July 2012

  • Working in US on F1 - OPT - STEM valid till July2016

What are the odds that my visa renewal is delayed or rejected? Any other case that I need to aware of before leaving states?




Did you end up traveling to India? If yes, how did the interview go?


Yes. I did travel.


  1. You went XXX school? Ans : Yes
  2. How long have you been with XXX company? Ans : close to 15months

Your visa is approved. The whole process took less than 3 mins.



Hi, did you not qualify for the Dropbox/interview waiver? My situation says I qualify for waiver,for my F1 stamping.
Also, which consulate did u go to?