F1 visa rejected twice

My visa got rejected twice on chennai consulate because last 2015 I was granted one F1 VISA but unfortunately am not yet travelled because after I attend the visa interview my brother met an accident and he could passed before I travell abroad so for this situations made me back to india for to arrange all rituals after that I feel late to do my studies so I applied some other university while got I-20 too but First time I got 214 b for didntmentioned my brother death so Next time I was corrected and Re apply consular asked very simple questions but I got rejected I don know why? what shall I do / shall I re apply for chennai or plan to apply for mumbai .what changes should i change I think second time got rejected because of GRE because I don have a GRE score. my university doesnt required that What can I do ? my intake is very near by NOV 14th my schedule will be starts kindly guide me friends If any one knows pls text me on Wtsappp 7356408273 sree

Take a GRE and provide answers that prove you are strongly connected to India, such that you will return back to home country after your studies. Your GRE score, education profile (degree marks), finance, relationship with home country, university that you have applied to and the interest you have to pursue the course all show up whether you are genuine student or just traveling to USA to settle down. If any one of the above factors show a red flag to the officer, you may be rejected.


I am also in the same loop. My OPT was rejected so I have to return back to India. Back in India, I am not getting any good offer nor good salary package. So, I thought of doing Masters in day1 CPT college so that I will atleast get chance to work there which will help me to clear my education loan soon.
But my visa request has been rejected twice with 214(b) reason.

My new college insist on reapplying for visa with new I-20 again. I am sure that the result will be same as before. i am just losing my money unnecessarily going for visa interview.

I need your advice on what should I do next.

Kindly please guide me.

Thanks in advance