F1- visa questions when you have graduate assistantship


I have an interview set for end of this June and am abit nervous about the questions to expect.I got a graduate assistantship offer from illinois state university.Meaning i get a full tuition waver and a small stipend to survive on.However, this is on an yearly basis and my masters will take two.Which kind of financial questions shoulds i expect?I applied to two other universities as well and got admitted.I choose this one because of the offer.Please advise on how well to structure the financial answers.please.

You do NOT need to really worry too much on the questions. You have been given graduate assistantship from a school. It means that you are financially covered. Your credentials speak for it. Do NOT worry too much. Just focus on why you want to join the school and the strengths. if any finance questions arise, you clearly state that you have funding and you may show back up options like funds in India as backup. In my view, you are good, no need to worry to much.

Cheers !

Good Luck !

Thank you Kumar for your reply.Its definitely reassuring.