F1 Visa-out of status since 2017, What's next?

Hi All, I have a close relative who is in his undergraduate work in a US university since Fall of 2016. Due to unforeseen cirmstances, He hasn’t been able to enroll in full time credit status since Fall of 2017- and has been out of status since Fall 2017. He doesn’t want to leave US as he is afraid that he may not be able to comeback. His F1 visa stamp on the passport expires in June 2021.

What are the other legal avenues for him to be back to F1 visa status -which doesn’t ? What advise I should give ? Should we hire an attorney ? would there be any legal avenues ?

There is no legal avenue. He technically overstayed all these years, so it is a very risky situation to stay.
Hiring an attorney for advice is fine, but they may not help much. The reasons is the person was illegally staying in US for so long. They will be subject to 10 year bar. Talk to an attorney and then plan exit…