F1 visa I-20 terminated order to leave?

Hi guys, I was an F1 student that got her I-20 terminated the reasons was « Unauthorized drop bellow full courses » I was then out of status and had very few options because it was totally my fault so I decided to go back to Italy.I never went back to the US or applied for any other visa

I’m planning on visiting Canada and I can apply for a visa waiver but here is the thing on the form there is one particular question :“Have you ever been refused a visa or permit, denied entry to, or ordered to leave Canada or any other country/territory?”

I never went to a court to be deported or remove and did not get any note or anything I left voluntarily on my own.

Since my I-20 got terminated does it mean the same as being refused a visa? and since I didn’t got any notice to be deported or go to court even though once your visa is terminated you technically have to leave immediately is it considered an « Order to leave »( I left quickly a month later so didn’t trigger any bans either) .I really want clarification on my situation so I won’t get in other deep trouble. Thank you

It is a good question. Termination of I-20 is not the same as refusal of visa, the first one is a university matter while the second is a USCIS decision. You have a grace period to leave the country within 15 days of student status termination but it is NOT same as being served an order to leave by immigration. So unless you were served with an order to leave the United States by immigration, the Canadian question must be answered with a ‘No’. Hope this helps

@sshankar please help.

I am an international student currently in MSU North Dakota. Recently my f-1 status has been terminated by my DSO because I couldn’t pay the certain amount of tuition on the given date. When I asked for the solution, I have been told to leave the country and re-entry or do the reinstatement. Chances of going back to India and re-entering seems a dead end. Do you have any advice or suggestions since I don’t have enough time here to stay. And do you think any other college would give me admission with a new I-20 to maintain my status?

I really appreciate your response.

Im in similar situation sevis terminated due to failure of paying tution fee