F1 visa got Approved and then refused 214g

Can someone please guide me what is better thing to do for F1 Visa approval in this complicated situation —Approved!!! and then refused!!! in my 1st attempt:

Its a bit confusing story happened with my visa interview :

  1. I got i-20 from University-X in 2021 and I got slot for visa interview for 2022 June with this university details in CGI portal.

  2. But i-20 from University-X got expired. So I got another i-20 for university-Y and updated DS-160 with university-Y but by mistake sevis-ID is still University-X. (Sevis transfer done to X to Y)

  3. Visa got Approved!!! But the stamping has University-X college name and sevis-ID of University-X. Problem: University-X i-20 expired!!!

  4. Applied for correction with new i-20 of University-X. I got email asking to appear for interview for this correction! (Sevis transfer done to Y to X)

  5. Visa officer asked question: Q: Why are you changing university from Y to X? A: University-Y last date is over for paying deposit fee. Q: Same question repeated 2 more times. A: For last time I said university X is better than Y. (reality is Y better than X) Q: Went inside took 10 mins and came back to say “You already had admission to university X earlier?”

  6. A: Yes, but deferred it as I didn’t get slot that time.

  7. Q: Handed me 214g BIG QUESTION NOW!!! I have a slot again for 2nd attempt in 10 days The only valid i-20 I have is for University-X now Q: What can I answer if VO ask “What did change from last interview”? Q: If I answer I am applying for a better one University-X. Is that considered change as I already asked for this change last time ? Q: What kind of crisp answer I can give if asked about why was it refused last time? It may not be good thing to explain this long story again to VO.