F1 VISA Expiring, Can i get New Admission

Hello Friends,

I have been going thru this forum and F1 and H1 visa related queries, however I wanted to post again since my situation is a bit different and I need advice asap.

I graduated in April 2010 and have worked on my OPT and i skipped H1 to apply last year becuase of some personal reasons but this time my appliucation not picked in lottery(Didn't get any receipt yet, it's Premium process application). Now am planning to join in an School for another Degree however my visa will expire in coming Aug. 

My Question is can i apply for another degree with out F1 Visa..? will i get New 120 and can i stay in US with F1 Visa expired..?

Yes you may apply and they will issue you an I-20 if admitted. it is not necessary to have a valid visa to get admission .

Visa is just a document required to enter USA whenever you leave or go out of the country. Your I-20 is the actual document that grants you status in F1 to stay in USA. So with an expired visa and valid I-20 you can stay as long as the date mentioned on your I-20. But when you leave the country in future, you will need to get your F1 visa stamped again with the I-20 for the new program.

Thanks Ramanan :slight_smile: