F1 visa expired. Currently in OPT. Need to go to India.

My F1 visa expired in June. I’m in my first 12 months of OPT which expires in December. I have to go to India and get married this december. Since the H1 visa quota is finished for this year, I’ve to go to visa extension stamping with an OPT extension. Could anyone suggest me when to apply for the visa extension? When to get dependent visa for wife? Is it good to go together or separately for my visa extension stamping and my wife’s dependent visa stamping?



You can apply for extension 3 months prior to your expiration date. Also, you should go for F-1/2 visa stamping together. Also, have contingency plans in case your stamping gets delayed or rejected.

Do they extend F1 visa when you have graduated and when you are in your OPT ? Do you mean we can apply for extension of F1 visa when we actually completed our studies ? I believe they wouldn’t extend unless you want more time to complete your studies…

If you are not a STEM student , your OPT will be only extended till 30th Sept in CAP-GAP provided you have filed for your H1B within the open window.
OPT is given when one person has finished one calender year of academic services, and in most institutes after you have officially graduated.
So, as to say OPT is your last leg of F1 visa. After the completion of your OPT if one wants to work, one need to have H1 for that.

I didn’t see any document/information saying that F-1 visa cannot be extended while the person is in OPT. But I might be wrong, and one can check w/ the DSO.

While on OPT your visa status is still F1.

Is it compulsory for us to go to the stamping together? I was actually planning of getting my visa stamping first and then for my wife after our marriage. In your opinion, how good are the chances for getting the stamping done?


Please check with a good immigration lawyer before you go to India. i am in the similar scenario and checked with a lawyer and he told me that once you finished your Graduation and on OPT you will not be given an extension VISA. F-1 VISA is given for a specific program and once it is complete you will not be able to get VISA extension on the same program. You must be enrolled in a different program to get VISA. Thats why people even with visa doesnot travel to india in OPT since because they can be denied entry at POE.


I am also in the same situation (F1 expired, on OPT). I am planning to go to India in December for sisters marriage. I am not sure about F1 stamping. Do you know anyone who got such stamping.

Thank you and please let me know.



Did you end up travelling with the expired visa? If yes, then were you able to get the F-1 stamp and get back in the USA? I ask because I am in the same situation.

Your reply will be sincerely appreciated.