F1 visa appointment - Emergency Visa appointment?

I got my admission for MS in US. Because of pandemic its really hard to get slots for interview.My delayed fall 2020 classes starts from this oct12th 2020. I am still could not able to get appointment.Though I get dates for OFC(BIOMETRIC), I am unable to find date for Interview. Is it possible to take dates at different consulates? And is there any other way of getting F1 right now apart from home country?

Ask for emergency Appointment, you should get it. Request for EA about 3 weeks before start date. They will open it for you.

For booking emergency visa, you need to schedule the first available slot and then have to apply Emergency visa. But whenever I tried booking interview date in any of the consulates I get this.

Same I am not getting any appointments for the embassy interview I can only see appointments for the vac? How do we book emergency appointment? Should we mail the consulate directly?

For emergency visa, you need to book the first available slots. After this you can apply for emergency or expedite visa it will be shown in your traveldocs portal. In my vase though I had a valid reason, my appeal had been denied. So, i just rescheduled the dates.