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Asking for my friend. She had her Visa Interview on 30th July, 2021. And her Visa was approved and Visa officer told her to drop the passport in the drop box. But when she checked the portal 2 or 3 days later , the status shows as administrative processing since 30 th July,2021. and she has to hurry up as she is having the fight booked soon in a week. and also last day for registering the classes is on 30th of August. She called the embassy at Hyderabad, India they say that respond through email. But none responded to the email back. Is there is a way to escalate this with the Embassy? if she misses this semester, she has to wait till next year August as her course starts for every fall.

Thank you

Unfortunately there is no other way to escalate this except if she can tweet tagging the handles of Hyderabad US consulate and explain that she will be wasting one year of her life due to slow response.
Tweets really work!

Sure, let me try that with her. Just confirming the tag - U.S Consulate General Hyderabad . and please , also let us know if there are any others leads!

Thank you so much!

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Please update this thread if your friend gets success :slight_smile:

Hey Kalpesh,

Really your reply was helpful! saved a life…!! Thank you so much ! she is travelling in couple of days!

Thanks again and best regards,

Glad that your friend is finally able to start her college!

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