F1 visa Administrative Processing

I attended F1 Visa interview in chennai consulate before three weeks. I was informed that visa is approved and took my passport. I was not issued with any slip like 221g. But it’s been three weeks and my Visa status is still Administrative processing.

Also my passport status was ’ still with US Embassy/consulate’ .

Now my passport status is ‘there is no status update for the passport number’

Could someone please tell me whether shall I expect to get Visa soon and why the passport status is like this …

There is no SLA for administrative processing. It can be put in AP even if no formal 221g document is issued.

Its a positive sign that they kept the passport, although the visa is not guaranteed until it has been stamped in the passport.

May I know wen u got ur passport back. I have same trouble now

I am in the same boat as of your’s at the moment. Even I was informed that my visa is approved and they took my passport. I was not told anything about administrative processing or given any slip by the visa officer.
It’s almost about a month ago and my passport is still in admin processing and the status shows that my passport is still with the US Embassy/Consulate.

Any suggestions for this case?

When should I expect my passport?