F1 to H4 COS and guidence

Hi All,

I am on H1B visa currently in US. I am looking for H4 visa slots for my wife. Since there are no slots or most of the consulates are closed.
I am thinking to apply for F1 visa for my visa(still in thought process), I believe consulates might not open fully till next year for all visa applications, so plan to do this.

My questions are if my wife gets her F1 visa and she arrives to the US. Can I apply for COS to H4 and request to terminate her Sevis/F1 status? is this a good approach with these situations going on?

what would be the fee for H4 and COS applications?

Is it worth trying this process?

Anyone followed this path already or planning to do this. any suggestions are helpful.

Thank You,

This might be considered as a fraud by USCIS so I would just stay away from doing F1 just to bring her in the US and switch to H4.

Instead, you may schedule her H4 appointment and request the VO for NIE on family separation basis. Look for NIE Approved for H4 – Family Separation in the below link.

Thanks for your input. I Will wait for fir H4 visa slot appointment