F1 to H1b change of status issues

Hi guys,

I'm a graduate student with F1 visa valid upto May 2014 (i94 expiry is D/S - duration of status).

	Due to financial situations, I'm quitting studies and joining a job. I'm not eligible for OPT/CPT.
		I got h1b approved with start date of Oct 1.
			1. I'm worried how to stay in status from Aug 28 (start of Fall) to Oct 1?
				2. If I register ( pay fees ) for Fall and get a refund of fees on last date of refund (Sept 24), will I be considered out of status from Sept 24 to Oct 1?
					3. I'm planning not to travel out of country anytime soon to avoid any hassles of H1B stamping. But, when I terminate F1 status on Sept 31, does that mean that my i94 also expires. If yes, do I need to get a new i94 to continue working?
						4. Can I stay in US for all three years without H1 stamping and new i94?
							5. How will this affect my H1 renewal and Green Card ?

Sorry to hear your situation that you have to quit studies.

  1. You can always talk to your DSO about your financial hardship. DSO can authroize you to work off campus, if the finanicial situation is really bad and he/she is convinced.

  2. How as your H1B filed ? Was it with Change of Status option and did you get a new I-94 with your petition ? Talk to your H1B filing attorney

  3. Yes, if it was filed as COS, your new H1B approed petition would come with a new I-94 indicating your visa status and valid duration of staty.

  4. Yes as long as your new H1B I-94 is valid

  5. Well, as long as you have been in legal status in US, you should be fine. Ideally, if you quit your education in middle, it is advisable to complete it as part time. I know few people, who have done that.